Is The Browns Jersey to Blame for the Browns Losing Season?

browns jersey with quarterbacks.

Brokaw Advertising in Cleveland, known for some of the best creative advertising in history, retired the famous Browns jersey around June of 2016.  You know the one I’m talking about. It’s the one with all the quarterback names on it. After the Cavs won the city’s championship in over half a century, Tim Brokaw decided to retire it. The retirement of the jersey was symbolic for the end of a 52 year championship drought.


Listen, I have all kinds of superstitions at my house when I watch sports.   I have a couch that is torn up however if you pat the couch or stand behind the couch magic happens. Call it good juju. However the couch hasn’t worked for the Browns in over a year. Should the infamous jersey come back. As much as I loved it, it was also a symbol of desperation by a NFL team that just can’t get it together.

We can all talk until we are blue in the face about the Browns.  With all these losing seasons, the front office should be experts on what not to do.

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