Why Do The Browns Suck? What Can They Do To Win

Cleveland Browns Fans are pitiful, and very impatient. The Browns suck! They are like a restaurant that serves bad food every week, but you still patronize the place and spend money on a crappy meal. Tough to swallow… Just like this NFL franchise.

I’m that guy. I’m a pitiful Browns fan. For years, just like all of us Browns Fans, I’ve been wanting to win.

Well this year I don’t want to win. I want a WINNING TEAM. I’m sick of the 16-year-old quarterback bullshit that’s been going on.

There is a huge mistake the Browns have made for the past 16 years.

Since football has been back in Cleveland, the Browns have only had one appearance in the playoffs. Although my love-hate relationship with the Cleveland Browns often gets in the way of thinking straight, I did some deep thinking today and came up with the ultimate reason why the Browns haven’t had a winning season since 2001.

Now the explanation may be difficult for some to swallow, it is a very simple solution to our Cleveland Football problem we’ve had for the past 16 years.

If you watch this video about What The Browns Need to do to Win and you disagree with my theory then leave a comment below with sources and statistics to back up your case.

As fans we don’t deserve a 16-year drought we don’t deserve a two-year drought we don’t deserve a one-year drought. We’ve had sixteen years to learn how to put together a winning NFL franchise in Cleveland Ohio.

By nature, I’m a data guy. I use data and analytics for internet marketing. I’m always testing. I also look at past mistakes failures and successes. I learned from all failure.   I believe in Paul DePodesta’s work.

Regardless of whether or not they win, the plan is to be patient and stick to the baseball-like analytics plan implemented last year by Brown and Chief Strategy officer Paul DePodesta, with the blessing of team owner Jimmy Haslam. (Source: Cleveland Browns, Sashi Brown and patience with analytics: Crowquill)


If any of you reading this sucked at your job for 16 years I don’t think you would get very far in life after you left that job. In this video about the 16 year failure of the Cleveland Browns, I don’t mention anything about Hue Jackson although he should definitely leave the Browns organization before his reputation is completely tarnished and he’ll never get a job in the NFL again. I don’t care if Hugh has a five-year contract 10-year contract or a 50-year contract, he should terminate his contract immediately with the Browns.

Perhaps he should be demoted to assistant.

As for analytics I believe in them. I also believe we have all our players in place. Well except for today’s game with Houston.

Hogan should not have started as quarterback. And for all the fans that wanted Hogan to start because he’d win.. shame on you.

Those same fans that wanted Hogan to start today are the same fans that wanted Kizer back in after the first quarter. If you had any experience at building anything you would understand that you have to have a plan and once your plan is in place then you execute the plan. I believe our plan is in place. Our football problem in Cleveland is that we execute a plan and then we are too quick to jump and change things up after a loss. Then players who are good at their craft end up losing valuable experience in the NFL. That’s a major problem.

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