Enjoy The Thrill Ride Win!

CLEVELAND, Ohio – I’m exhausted. Drained. Emotionally Spent … but happy. I SAID I’M HAPPY AND YOU “IT’S EARLY CALM DOWN DON’T OVERREACT” PEOPLE CAN’T STOP ME!


OK, now that that’s out of my system…

Fellow Cleveland Browns fans, not only was yesterday’s Cleveland Browns victory over the Dallas Cowboys a roller coaster, it was the biggest roller coaster in the amusement park. It was Top Thrill Dragster for northern Ohioans (chosen over the others at Cedar Point because the flying start nearly caused me to soil myself some years ago). Not only was it the biggest, fastest, and most powerful coaster around, but it was flying uncontrollably, on top speed, the off button was broken, and the carnie working the ride had abandoned his station to smoke weed with his girlfriend behind the Churro tent. The highs were dizzyingly high, the lows were … whatever the opposite of dizzyingly is … low, and it was a ride none of could get off, even if we wanted to.

Hot damn, was it fun or what?

It’s been quite some time since we as Cleveland Browns fans had a game like that, and even longer since we as Cleveland Browns fans had a game like that THAT WE WON. As an older Browns fan (shut up, you), it definitely brought back memories of those teams in the 80’s, who had their fair share of dramatic games and actually won more of them than is generally remembered (outside of the famous playoff losses, of course).

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After the 49-38 victory ended yesterday (I just like saying the word “victory”), I was so jacked up I walked around my house for a good 30-45 minutes, unable to shake the adrenaline and basically vibrating around the room. I couldn’t calm down. The release of the pent up energy was uncontrollable, and I kept repeating the Ric Flair WOOO over and over (my wife was thrilled). To anyone with the initial reaction ”What a freak,” I have two responses: 1 – Yes. Yes I am, and I’m OK with that because normal people suck. 2 – I know I was far from alone, based on social media and the sheer volume of texts I received from fellow Browns fans along the lines of “I DON’T KNOW HOW TO ACT AFTER A WIN WHAT DO WE DO?”

The outcome was strange, but the rest of the game was fairly familiar. This tweet went out at halftime, with the Browns leading 31-14

The number of interactions and the overwhelming agreement in the replies should tell you all you need to know about how Browns fans (and Cleveland sports fans in general) approach every game: expecting the worst. Here are just a few examples:

I could go on and on and on, but there are a lot of bad words in some of the others.

We are always waiting for the other shoe to drop in Cleveland sports. Always waiting for that cartoon anvil to fall three stories, directly onto our heads. At 41-14, the TV announcers and the rest of the football world were writing the game off as “over.” As you can easily see from my timeline (and so many others just like it around BrownsTwitter), Cleveland fans were just waiting. Waiting for the comeback. Waiting for the roller coaster to crest the hill and begin the inevitable careening back to earth, like a drunken snow skier who jumped on the Black Diamond run before they were ready. We had seen this movie before, many many times.

But this one was different. This time, the anvil fell straight at us, but we moved out of the way at the last second and it crashed harmlessly to the sidewalk, or more accurately on Dallas’ collective heads. Will it continue? Will this be a harbinger of changing luck to come, a game we’ll all look back on and say “That was it, that was the moment OIC finally left the North Shore?” I don’t know, but it’s sure nice to be able to legitimately think about something like that being possible, isn’t it?


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